Explore the Outback With Australia Honeymoon Packages

Explore the Outback with Australia Honeymoon Packages

Australia offers adventurers and romantics alike unforgettable experiences and memories to treasure forever. From desert vistas to idyllic beaches, Australia provides couples incredible memories and incredible adventures that they won’t soon forget.

Take in the dramatic landscapes of Uluru-Kata Tjuta while learning about Country with local Aboriginal guides. Bathe in beautiful waterholes and indulge in delicious bush tucker as part of an unforgettable Red Centre adventure!

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is an outback destination unlike any other, offering breathtaking views of Uluru (Ayers Rock) as well as ancient Aboriginal culture which pervades this region and can be explored via tours to Alice Springs Desert Park and Uluru/Kata Tjuta.

Town is an ideal base from which to explore the stunning landscapes and stargaze of the region, including self-guided passes to Field of Light installation or dining on three-course bush tucker menu and star talk with an astronomical dinner. Or for an ultimate luxury experience, fly above them all by helicopter!

Alice Springs offers many must-do activities, with hot air balloon rides being one of them. Here you can experience an unforgettable desert sunrise alongside your loved one! There’s plenty more to do too, from camping and hiking trips to art talks and 4WD tours of nearby ranges.

Alice Springs has long been associated with Bruce Chatwin’s 1987 travelogue Songlines and Bill Bryson’s 2000 book Down Under. Additionally, Mystery Jets recorded a track titled Alice Springs that became its own album under Dick Diver. Additionally, other poems, songs, and novels have referenced Alice Springs.


Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is one of Australia’s iconic landmarks and holds great spiritual meaning for Anangu people living nearby. A symbol of power and mystery, its energy connects the land to its people.

One of the world’s most striking natural formations stands 318 metres above its surrounding desert and covers an eight kilometer area. Billions of years ago this region was covered by shallow sea water; as sediment laid down along its bottom eventually uplifted and eroded away over time to form these distinctive shapes that we see today.

Experience this extraordinary landscape first-hand at sunrise or sunset and it becomes truly spectacular, as rocks change color from brilliant orange to burnished red as the sun goes up or sets. Anangu believe that these changing colours tell stories of ancestral beings who once resided here, and many rituals and customs still practiced here reflect these beliefs.

Take a sunrise or sunset tour to witness Uluru at its most striking, while exploring its Indigenous cultural significance with your guide. Climb up the Uluru summit for panoramic views, or stroll Kata Tjuta to uncover more geological information and aboriginal creation tales.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is an outstanding landscape containing billabongs, waterfalls, otherworldly rock formations and an abundance of native wildlife – it is truly one of Australia’s crown jewels! For any true outback experience this must-visit destination should not be missed!

UNESCO World Heritage-listed park, Lake Eyre is one of the largest in Australia and brims with natural beauty. Here, flora & fauna meet history & culture for an experience unmatched anywhere else in Australia.

There are wetlands filled with mangroves and birds, woodlands with windswept stone country, waterfalls and even crocodiles to explore by yourself or with a local guide. Some sites are sacred or ceremonial sites for indigenous peoples and you should abide by their traditions and responsibilities when visiting them – for instance it would be best not to touch rock art.

Experience the park at its full potential with a 4WD adventure! Navigating remote parts and discovering all its landmarks requires accessing remote corners via 4WD vehicle. As temperatures may become extremely warm during your travels, make sure to pack lots of water – heat may make things uncomfortable!

Self-driving in the park is possible, although if you want more control of your itinerary it’s recommended that you rent a 4WD. If this isn’t an option for you then joining an organised tour might be best as these allow travelers to fully experience their trip without the stress of planning every detail themselves.

The Red Centre

The Red Centre lies at the core of Australia’s Outback. Here lies Uluru, which stands as an ancient monolith overlooking desert dunes and waterholes dotted throughout. Here also can be found delicate greenery emerging amidst harsh desert landscapes; and didgeridoo sounds echo through the air with rich, deep tones that echo back out across Australia’s Outback.

The Red Centre has long been on Australians and international travelers’ bucket lists, thanks to its breathtaking rock formations and majestic landscape. Experience Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Kings Canyon’s dramatic red rocks or relax at Longitude 131@, an exquisite luxury camp offering panoramic views of Uluru-Kata Tjuta and Kata Tjuta.

Explore the region by foot along the Kings Canyon Rim Walk or Uluru Base Walk, visit Watarrka National Park to explore Karnteja gorges and waterfalls, or embark on the epic 223-kilometer Larapinta Trail through majestic West MacDonnell Ranges isolation.

The Red Centre of Australia is easily accessible with regular flights from major Australian cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Perth. A group tour from these locations makes for an easy way to avoid driving across Australia as well as add activities like Kakadu National Park and Katherine. A 3-day Red Centre tour can provide ample experience; alternatively choose 5 or 7 day tours that explore even more of Northern Territory.