Australia Honeymoon Packages

Australia Honeymoon Packages provide an unforgettable opportunity for couples looking to experience its iconic landmarks together, whether that means touring Sydney Opera House or exploring lush rainforest – creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Tasmania’s wilderness boasts dramatic cliff walls, cascading waterfalls and playful seals – yet this World Heritage Area has been at the centre of longstanding battles over nature for decades.


Tasmania offers an ideal spot to unplug and recharge with its captivating wilderness setting, boasting numerous waterfalls. Ranging from those cascading down high cliffs or pouring through rainforests, each waterfall can easily be reached and provides the ideal place for relaxation, meditation or simply taking in nature.

At its heart lies New Hampshire’s stunning wilderness; all you need to visit it is a cruise along the Gordon River and enjoy its natural splendor as you drift by. Not only will this offer ample photo opps but you’ll get to witness incredible scenery without exertion!

An Overland Track hike offers another excellent opportunity to see these breathtaking waterfalls up close and personal. Over six days, this adventure will allow you to walk through Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park where lush forests and shimmering lakes wait to be discovered.

Tasmanian Walking Company offers scenic cruises combined with breathtaking wilderness scenery through their packages in Tasmania’s Tarkine wilderness – which features lush rainforest growing on sand dunes and boasting half of all perched lakes in the world! Visit Stanley to experience more natural marvels. Here, World-Heritage-listed Tarkine can also be explored; visit and discover it for yourself!


Tasmanian Wilderness, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011, boasts some of the oldest rainforests on Earth with an abundance of Gondwanan flora (plants and trees that thrived on ancient supercontinent Gondwana) plants and trees. North West and Tarkine regions host some of these rainforests which contain Nothofagus trees as well as prodigiously long-lived Huon pine. Furthermore, this region is famed for its ancient landforms, pristine rivers and alpine vegetation.

Tasmania’s southwestern Wilderness region consists of closed forests, eucalyptus woodlands and buttongrass moorland with unique mosaics of forest and open country terrain. Flora diversity was one of the main factors contributing to earning Tasmanian Wilderness its UNESCO World Heritage listing.

Nothofagus cunninghamii, Tasmania’s state tree, forms large, crooked-leaning trunks covered with epiphytic bryophytes and lichens in its eucalyptus forest habitats. As elevation increases, canopy coverage becomes sparser with dense scrub dominated by shrubs such as Phyllocarpus beech-mertensii, Acradenia ferox, Archeria hirtella and Richea pandanifolia shrubs. Understorey complexity increases significantly as competing species vie with each other for light requirements whereas diversity decreases accordingly. Fern diversity also decreases.

Hiking, fishing and kayaking in this stunning wilderness provide excellent opportunities for hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing, especially Tasmanian devils. To fully experience all it has to offer take a Gordon River cruise or visit Sarah Island and Hells Gate ruins before setting out on an AirWalk adventure from Tahune AirWalk Adventures.


Tasmania offers idyllic beaches, historic towns and breathtaking natural scenery complemented by cozy and romantic accommodations that range from decadent spa suites to charming cottages and chalets, so couples can experience nature peacefully and intimately. Plus, Australia is well known for its friendly locals as well as offering various wine tasting, wildlife viewing and arts-centric experiences!

Tasmania’s wilderness landscape is unparalleled anywhere on Earth, boasting an unparalleled diversity of plant species that helped secure it UNESCO recognition as a World Heritage Area. Ranging from myrtle beech forests and deciduous beech forests to buttongrass moorland and Huon pines – each ecosystem offers distinct biodiversity as part of this World Heritage Area designation. Tasmania also contains trees with Gondwanan origins boasting special recognition among them

Strahan provides a perfect family-friendly base from which to explore the west coast wilderness. Hop aboard the West Coast Wilderness Railway for a ride along Macquarie Harbour’s edge and traverse gorges over historic trestle bridges; explore Mole Creek Karst National Park before diving underground on a guided tour of either Marakoopa Cave or King Solomon’s Cave!

On a visit to Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, choose an unforgettable romantic stay at Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge and pick from luxurious suites featuring rough stone walls and timber cladding. Or stay at Lemonthyme Wilderness where meals made from locally sourced produce await at Whispering Woods Restaurant.


Newlywed couples seeking thrills will love Tasmania, an island with lush rainforests, penguin-strewn beaches, towering mountains and breathtaking sights like those seen from space. Road trippers will find it convenient that many major landmarks can be visited within one day’s drive of each other and there is also a wealth of history and culture to take in.

Bay of Fires Bush Retreat provides an unforgettable Tasmanian honeymoon hotel experience, from luxurious bell tents outfitted with gourmet grazing boards to an secluded cabin hidden between pockets of coast oaks and gum trees. Here, guests will discover a relaxing retreat to escape from crowds. This is truly one of Tasmania’s best honeymoon hotels!

The MACq Suites at the MACq are the epitome of soothing minimalism, featuring white-painted walls and ceilings and Scandi-cool furnishings. However, what sets it apart from all other Tasmania honeymoon hotels is its secluded location which enables couples to spend their entire trip alone; exploring the Southern Ocean, wandering through wilderness areas or cooking their meals right there in their suite kitchens!

Blackwood Park Cottages provide an idyllic retreat for adventurous newlyweds seeking to experience time-stand-still. These self-contained log cabins are situated within a lush estate below Cradle Mountain’s towering spires, just moments away from Dove Lake Circuit: an eye-opening walk that leads past cascading river pools, wombat burrows and magical old-growth rainforest.